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Wolf Theiss contributes to the release of two new reports on GDPR for the CPC platform

11 Februarie 2019   |   BizLawyer

Wolf Theiss has been a CPC contributor since the establishment of the platform by EuroCloud Europe in 2015.

Adelina Iftime-Blăgean, Counsel Wolf Theiss si contribuitor al platformei CPC pentru România

Together with qualified legal professionals from more than 30 European countries, Wolf Theiss contributes to the release of two new reports on GDPR for the CPC platform.

CPC (Cloud Privacy Check) network, the largest European information platform explaining data protection laws, has published two new reports on GDPR: (i) the Data Breach Report; and (ii) the Joint Controllership Report. These reports present key findings and recommendations concerning data breach-related obligations and the joint controllership concept within the EU/EEA and results from comparative surveys conducted by the CPC members.

"I am honoured that Wolf Theiss has been an active part of this European project which is extremely important for the general awareness and education in relation to data protection laws. The CPC platform is a step forward, since it is accessible to non-specialists who may need basic guidance in the area of data protection before seeking the specialised advice of a lawyer", stated Adelina Iftime-Blăgean, Counsel Wolf Theiss and contributor for Romania for the CPC platform.

Wolf Theiss
has been a CPC contributor since the establishment of the platform by EuroCloud Europe in 2015. The Firm will continue to contribute to the future activities of the CPC community, including as it continues its analysis of the practical aspects of the concepts covered in these two new reports. The CPC will also develop two European data bases covering these topics.

One of these data bases will include case-studies describing sector-specific joint controllership relations as well as controller-processor and processor-processor relations.

The second European data base will include data-breach-related DPA decisions and court judgments. The CPC Network intends to gather information on the volume, type and business sectors where data breaches occur, as well as assembling the regulatory responses to data breach notifications. Based on this information the CPC will draft a report of its findings.

CPC was founded by EuroCloud Europe in 2015 and is a not-for-profit international network of qualified legal professionals from more than 30 European countries. CPC's mission is to provide authoritative views, information and practical solutions concerning data protection matters to two principal stakeholders: industry professionals and public authorities. This is done through collective know-how, research and market analysis gained from pan-European industry activity, collaboration and experience.

The Data Protection practice group of the Bucharest office of Wolf Theiss, coordinated by Partner Maria Maxim, has an important client portfolio in various industry sectors in GDPR assessment and implementation projects.
Founded in 1957, Wolf Theiss is one of the leading European law firms in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe with a focus on international business law. With 340 lawyers in 13 offices located in Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine, Wolf Theiss represents local and international industrial, trade and service companies, as well as banks and insurance companies. Combining law and business, Wolf Theiss develops comprehensive and constructive solutions on the basis of legal, fiscal and business know-how.






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