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LegiTeam: Mușat & Asociații is looking for Junior Associates

09 Septembrie 2019   |   LegiTeam

If you want to join our team, send us your application to the email address: cariere@musat.ro and/or laura.dan@musat.ro.

Mușat & Associates is currently looking to expand its team of junior associates within the program for initial professional development in business law, for the following practice areas of the firm: Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets, Real Estate & Banking Law, Telecommunications, IT & Media; Public Procurements & Public Private Partnerships; Criminal Business Law; Litigation & Arbitration; Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law.

With nearly 30 years of expertise as a genuine leader on the business law market in Romania, Mușat & Associates is committed to training successive generations of lawyers who have become the most reputed business law professionals on the market. All lawyers trained in the firm are known as experts in their practice areas both at national and international level, providing legal assistance at the highest professional standards. The elites trained and prepared by Mușat & Associates consist in lawyers, leaders of business law firms, judges, prosecutors and other renowned legal practitioners and theoreticians.

If you are passionate about law and you would like to become an elite practitioner, please sign up to be trained and to work with the teams at Mușat & Associates, along with the most qualified lawyers in Romania.

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What do we provide? The opportunity to be trained and to learn from the best, acquiring knowledge and skills for your future career in law. Your dedication and results will be rewarded at the highest standards both financially and by ensuring opportunities for professional growth and promotion.

Our young lawyers are trained within the company to acquire advanced skills in: (i) research and documentation, using some of the most up-to-date legislative resources and information tools; (ii) work in large international, multidisciplinary teams and effective interaction with foreign lawyers, especially in English, French and German; (iii) critical and synthetic thinking for efficient working with large volumes of information. At the same time, young lawyers will be frequently exposed to complex transactions / projects involving several areas of law, from which the professional affinities and aptitudes of each will be revealed in the future, facilitating the deepening of the field and the professional specialization. The professional training does not stop here, since the company is supporting the continuous participation of lawyers in workshops and training sessions, both in the country and abroad.

What do we want from you? Motivation, seriousness, availability and a wealth of theoretical knowledge to be proud of. We want you to know foreign languages at a working level (knowledge of legal English is a plus). We want you to be pragmatic, analytical, communicative, flexible and to enjoy working in a team. We also encourage you to apply for the practice where, by your own assessment, you consider that you are the best fit, i.e., you already are dedicated to such field, possess the curiosity and solid theoretical knowledge with which you can keep up with the practical training.

If you want to join our team, send us your application to the email address: cariere@musat.ro and/or laura.dan@musat.ro. The application should include a letter of intent telling us about yourself and your ambitions, your resume (both in English), proof of completion of studies (diploma, academic transcript, and/or certificate to attest the completion of Bachelor studies) as well as any other documents you may consider relevant for us to form a correct opinion about you and to help us make the best decision for your future.

Discover job openings and career opportunties at LegiTeam!






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